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Traditional and Contemporary Craft Services

Chas Heath
Sandy Greene

Mobile: 07789 200587


We provide a mobile workshop facility.

Workshops are suitable for adults or children, for limited numbers or as a drop in event.

Projects vary according to time available.

We can provide one or two marquees and we carry public liability insurance.

Traditional Games Workshops

A space for playing a number of traditional games, including old flick-counter board games, giant ninepin skittles, bat the rat, toad in the hole, ring & bull, tug of war made of native woods.

Bowling alley (65K)
Bowling alley
Games scene at festival (73K)
Games scene at festival
wooden_marionette (40K)
Wooden marionette
cylcle_illusion (37K)
Cycle illusion
Arborantics marquee (21K)
Arborantics marquee
059 (27K)
Games workshop and marquee
060 (23K)
Games workshop and marquee
games1 (16K)
Crokinole and carrom
games2 (17K)
Marquee venue with ring & bull and 9 pin skittles
games3 (18K)
9 pin skittles
toad in the hole (21K)
Toad in the hole
bat the rat (36K)
Bat the rat
tic tac toe (20K)
Tic tac toe
rotating seesaw1 (32K)
Rotating seesaw
rotating seesaw2 (31K)
Rotating seesaw
ring and bull (25K)
Ring and bull
shove hapenny (25K)
Shove ha'penny

Green Wood Working

Participants select, prepare and shape unseasoned native wood using pole-lathes, shaving horses and hand tools.
It is possible to make a variety of items/projects.

GWW1 (18K)
Marquee space, making stools
GWW2 (15K)
Pole lathes in Marquee
commission7 (22K)
Oak and ash ladderback rocking chair
commission8 (21K)
Rocking chair with seagrass seat

Felt Work

Different felt projects can be made using natural or coloured wools, e.g. pictures, beads, balls, bracelets.

felt2 (14K)
Dyed merino wool
felt 01 (19K)
Choosing felt
felt 3 (39K)
Sea horse
felt 4 (21K)
Beginning of felt picture

Art Workshops

IMG_0314 (30K)
Outdoor mosaic for school, Angus
IMG_0310 (33K)
Outdoor mosaic for school, Angus (detail)
IMG_0334 (27K)
School entrance mosaic, Angus
DSCF2713 (31K)
Outdoor mosaic placed in situ with Primary school children
artWS1 (38K)
Recycled wire car
artWS2 (16K)
Pebbles painted to adorn a school pond
artWS3 (13K)
Tissue paper pictures
artWS4 (11K)
Recycled jewellery
artWS5 (13K)
Quick project for nursery schools

Willow Work

Willow and recycled materials are used to create a variety of projects. These can tie into themed events.

willowWS3 (9K) willowWS4 (12K)
Examples of baskets made by children in a 1 hour session

willowWS2 (17K)
Woodland sculpture made by adults and children
willowWS1 (15K)
Living willow planters with arch in background